Şarkı sözleri : Bayje. Other. No Happy Ending.

[Verse 1:]
17 times a day I read Your Letter
Every single time, hopin' it will get better
When I get to the end, I close my eyes
Hopin' When I open I won't see the words goodbye

17 times a day I blame myself for
Making You go away
There's no one else for me
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
But unfortunatly,

There's no happy ending
(no baby this ain't a fairytale)
There's no happy ending
(this is a story where you pay for your mistake)
There is no happy ending
(no magic potion, no joy or laughter)
No happy ending
(there's no happily ever after)
There's no happy ending

[Verse 2:]
17 times a day I think about it
Were you not here to stay?
I truly doubt it.
Did I just mess up?
Take too long to fess up?
For the wrong that I have done
(you found out from someone)
17 times a day I ask myself why,
Was I in that escalade with another guy
Who. Was nothing in comparison to you
Because I was a fool


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,
Can somebody please rewind this clock?
I need to go back to when we first met
When the mistake hasn't happend yet
Think of all the times that I
Been sneaking round, creepin with that
Other guy
I lost the best thing I've ever had
Now it's just too damn late to get him back


No happy ever after
No kiss and makeup
No being friends
No getting back together baby

[music fades out]