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Better back up off me/ nigga never no softY/ boy I'll stop your heartbeat

While you out in the street yellin out what you fittin to do to me/ in the middle of your speech ima sweep you off your feet, to sleep

Fuckin with these thugs/ thinkin ya'll don't bleed blood

Ima make you a believa pop pop, what you receiva/ A mothafuckin bullet from my automatic pistol, hit you him too, and all the rest of them niggas that you got wit ya

I'm collected and quiet/ but surpise nigga i get LIVE

jumpin out of that BUCKET dumpIN/ fittin to show these niggas a little somethin

Reppin shit for bone thugs, nigga don't test mine to the redline/ but like my MO Thug niggas they BOSS show EM THE GUNLINE, GUNLINE

Caught in the line of fire boy if you want to/ and a nigga gon be on your ass like skunk's funk pew

I grab my dick let my nuts swang from my thang/ if you's a anybody killa nigga, let the bullets rain

DONT BE PULLIN MY STRINGS cause if you ain't you don got into some shit/ with the thuggish, ruggish bloody murda click


PUMPIN THIS LEAD fuckin em up with me gun gun blast

PUMPIN THIS LEAD FUCKIN em up with me gun gun blast

PUMPIN THIS LEAD fuckin em up with me gun gun blast

PUMPIN THIS LEAD fuckin em uo with me gun gun blast


Undercover man, how you want it man/ Ima fool on the loose with a gun in hand

I got a sure shot aim for the runnin man/ that'll stop you in the tracks when I'm dumpin man, they did somethin man

Niggas talk real loud words fly out they mouth when you ain't around/ talkin like a nigga stole they style BUT when a nigga show up these niggas bow down

Pound for pound from the shoulders nigga I'm the coldest little soldier/ BIG NIGGAS OR IF ITS A CLIQUE OF you niggas believe i got somethin for ya, in the holsta

In the bushes cocked, up on the porch i got a gauge and glock/ corner to corner this thing on lock yea it's hot on this block

Nigga got everything short a cannons wild n out but i ain't Nick Cannon/ nigga got M-11s SR-15s and i plan to let niggas have it

Fuck this rappin, if it come down to it nigga disrespectin what's happnin/ my family my money my thugs myself my nigga i'm flat out blastin

Countin out caskets on you bastards smashin if I'm ever forced to bring the action/ ima ride down i'm pistol packin we can definetly get it crackin

Old fashioned like the wild west Ghetto Cowboy nigga 06/ fake niggas and real niggas in the real world just don't mix



I'm a hundred proof, want a taste?/ take it to the head or the face wrong place you can do it

Never met a sucka nigga runnin with a thugga, not in the game/ nigga runnin with a thuggish ruggish in my range

Better do my damn thing and lift ya mayne/ BET YOU won't leave the same way you came

We soldiers tight put up your stripes we'll rip them off slash somebody back with a attitude that right/ I'm sick with the money spent on bullet proof nigga fight fight

Handle that, nigga handle that give back to the music fuck that fuck that/ reach back throw back everybody in the car gotta lean back

See now the game was soft so we back/ hit em in the head with a relapse

Younger than most of you niggas so what? you die you die if i decide/ then we ride

If it's on you rock a bye bye/ thuggstas straight up warned you will, obey mine

Oh we will ride yes we ride in the nightime/ it really don't matter get high up in the daylight

Thuggstas no fools we know the rules/ don't get too close with the attitude, do, cause ooo won't like how i give it to ya