Şarkı sözleri : Brat Attack (The). Destruction Sound System. Millions Strong.

Destruction, kill the function,
feeding frenzy consumption
The product control, takes it toll,
ever so easily bought and sold
89 percent of America, believe TV's propaganda
91 million kilo's of explosives
have been dropped on Iraqi's heads

Gonna fight back, put an end to this
Expose their self-righteous bullshit
Iraqi freedom, ha! Yah right
Bring down their imperialist might

We're millions strong, we know what's wrong
They have had "control" for way to long

Blood for oil; it stains the soil,
push the nation into fascist turmoil
Restricted thought, a free press to be bought
A war crime never to be caught
320 metric tons, of depleted uranium
Spread across the region, 91 gulf war destruction
Millions of people in every country,
gather is mass through out the cities
United together in solidarity,
united against the fascist tyranny