Şarkı sözleri : Brat Attack (The). Destruction Sound System. Enemy.

First time she saw those eyes
A villainous hatred in disguise
They fed her so much lies
Never let go what's inside
For years she walked these streets
Clenched fists and hated the fear.
Ids-empowered with a few words
Not gonna take it anymore

Society had turned its cheek that day
And left her alone in the wake
Of the monster that it had created
It's not herself that she want's to hate

We will not cry in vain
Our power is our pain
We will not be ashamed
We'll fight to the last day

It's but a product of society's fear
Millions abused and killed over the years
Murdered by misogyny
The Ignorance is the enemy
Another object to be owned
Take power from what you control
Just yet another body part
It will take a lot to cure this sick heart