Şarkı sözleri : Ch-n. My Dick No Michael Jackson.


my dick no michael jackson
it no dead
gal sit dung pon me cocky
and wine pon it till u blead
ch-n my pussy is on fire
come back her you little liar
me no Farrah faucet
it no dead
gal sit dung pon my cockey
let me fuck you till you blead
ch-n my pussy on fire yah
I'm not stopping for you, you little liar

verse 1

sex with me is so painful
for injuring during sex
the judge said i had to pay in full
jenny like to say I'm no good
cause she knows she will piss me off
and i'm a treat di pussy awful
alpha male baby
i'm all bull
when i drop my pans off
she's like dam
yes its all wood
don't worry girl its all good
even thou it look like a creature
from out of torchwood


verse 2

i fuck a chick from uk

she told her friends
that's ch-n got more dicks than 2 gay
she's not a screamer that's what u say
i made her scream hallelujah, rasclahth god forgive me
you feel that pain
girl that's your kidney
please be soft you got to be kidding me
you want me off you better shoot me
cause i'm ready to go to jail
like jah cure and kobe


verse 3

I break a girl vertebrae at lease twice a day
you my first date you should be nice to me
cause when i get between the pussy lady
god forgive me
i get crazy
so get back here get back here
where you going
i still got your brassiere
get back her get back here
why u mad
cause i was pulling on your hair
get back here
get back here
and come sit pon me cocky like a chair
get back here back here
i swear to motherfucking god
if you don't get the fuck back her