Şarkı sözleri : Cunninlynguists. Dirty Acres. Yellow Lines.

(feat. Phonte, Witchdoctor)

[Hook: Deacon]
It feels alright
So just lay back into the night
But don't lose sight
Make sure you watch those Yellow Lines

[Verse 1: Natti]
I'm DUI in her eyes, but fuck tapping the brakes
Let's shorten up the time fantasy take
Stroke her ego slow til' her vanity quake
Satin hair, silk skin, wet panties and lace, the
Fabric of love, the thrill of the chase
Blunted, lovin the highway, spinnin in place
My hands are Sex Pistols, strapped to her waist
Strange fruitin lip gloss, try and savor the taste
We can both play games, exchange fake names
Paint pictures of lust using both our frames
Remain unaware of the spell you under
Prisoner of love when given my cell number
High off love, lust in your joints
Kiss and tellin the tale of our sex exploits
Yo relationship sank out to sea
Now you floating on driftwood behind fucking with me


[Verse 2: Witchdoctor]
I put a spell on them hoes
I have 'em in the corner on Patron at the shows
I can tell when they ain't from around here
The spell start working when my finger say 'come here'
I'm not a pimp, I'm not a trick
But please believe me I can have any bitch
They call me short, dark and handsome
Kidnap your girl, send your man a little ransom
(Hey) Hey! I'm making major moves, won't you holla back
Hoes twisting my hair with some o' that beeswax
At the club she say she don't dance
But she bouncing on that hot thang in my pants
Ya got money, take her out tonight to eat
She coming over after you finish with the Applebee's
Bobby said slow down, I say go slow
I'm the reason she don't fuck witchu no more
I'm the reason for her being on the pill
I'm the reason Sir Charles had to chill
To get her freaky don't need a bottle o gin
And we be fucking like the world 'bout to end
Ey, I put a spell on them hoes
Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes
Yeah, I put a spell on them hoes
Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes
Hey, I put a spell on them hoes
Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes
I just, I put a spell on them hoes
Forgive me Lord, but I'm hell on them hoes, hell on them hoes

[Verse 3: Phonte]
She used to call me late at night
Didn't take long to see that we were a-alikes
On the same page, just couldn't get it right
McIntosh of my eye, let me take a mega bite
I cordially invite you to come take a ride in my thoughts
Switch memory lanes while we dreamin, wanderin
And in return I'll strip my inhibitions
And go skinny dipping in your stream of consciousness
She said it sounds tempting
And I don't want to catch feelings
But this urge is calling me bad
I said well suga, if ya worried bout catching feelings
Chances are you already have
And there's no need to deny ourselves
I mean, lie to each other and deprive ourselves
Denial's not a game I'm prepared to play
So I express things most niggas scared to say
Put a spell on 'em, Forgive me Lord but I'm hell on 'em
Baby we grown folk, So let me longstroke
And send em back to they man with my smell on 'em
Let me be quiet before I tell on 'em