Şarkı sözleri : Cunninlynguists. Will Rap For Food. Fukinwichu.

Yo whats all that? I'm fukinwitchu
You disrespecting me? I'm fukinwitchu
Yo whats all that? I'm fukinwitchu
You disrespecting me? I'm fukinwitchu
These motherfuckers are thinking I'm playing
thinking I'm saying this shit cos I'm thinking it just to be saying it

[Deacon the Villan]
Shopping at Macy's, pissing in cologne bottles
Getting on a runway, drop-kicking supermodels
Smacking up vegetarians with hamburger patties
Tell an animal activist that I killed Lassie
Pimp through a hindu temple with a leather suit on
Stomp through a Japanese crib with muddy shoes on
Deacon the Villian, always misbehaving
In hospitals playing concentration with Alhzeimer's patients

[DJ Kno]
Yo I walk through the oscars and slap the best actress
I don't give a fuck ill rip the tags off a mattress
Do a back flip straight off a church steeple
Masturbating on naked pictures of janet reno
Slam people into doors, become retarded
In another life smoking crack with Tonya Harding
Roll into Def Jam drunk smelling like hogs breath
Ask DMX why he hasn't found his dogs yet


[Deacon the Villian]
Send David Duke a vidio of his daughter in hand of black cock
Tell fiends Marion Berry's crib is the new crack spot
Give a legless man the prize for Foot Locker jackpot
Tell foreigners its customary to smack cops
I don't give a fuck, WATCH, I pinch boobies tight!
Show Ron Jeremey's best at monestary movie night
Arouse Whoopie like "Ghost," I'm still flippin when
the street team's outside slicin their Michelins

[Dj Kno]
I force feed Richard Simmons a big ass bag of snickers
Challenge Christopher Reeves to a game of twister
Dip in your sisters crib with a darth vader mask
Violate her and later toss her ass in an elevator shaft
Hate to be crass and I know it ain't right
Unpluggin old lady's life support screaming follow the light
Follow what's right? Hell naw, follow what's wrong!
Send Bill Clinton a gift, a new gravity bong


[Deacon The Villan]
Go on fanatic and tell the artist hes wak
Find us an anorexic and tell her shes fat
Be at the mall sucking on manakin titties
Kidnap an amish family and lock em inside a circut city
Tell a preist his nun secretly praise satan
Switch a hypocondriacs chart with an AIDS pateint
Send Hillary the Bill and Lewinski scene in claymation
Send a retarded kid an Atari kid and say its a PlayStation

[Dj Kno]
Break into buildings crawl around in heater ducts
Roll through Ethiopia in the Oscar Meyer weiner trucks
Slow enough kids can almost catch up, mouths watering
Then I hit the gas and the clutch passing em up
Sick, like I overdosed on pills
Ask Darryl Strawberry to autograph tightly rolled dollar bills
I oughta chill but you still might see me nightly
At klan meetings, screaming out kill whitey


Deacon - Yo I give a limbless man a wrist watch
Kno - word up man I dont giva a damn
Deacon - I fucken go back in time
and ask Marie Antoinette to give me sum head
Kno - I'll fuck buy every will smith cd ever put out.....with my own money