Şarkı sözleri : Dreams Of Sanity. Komödia 2.

as the night fell down across the land, a man comes to his house
a lonley house for no one waits, no children cry no childrens cries
he takes off his clothes and goes to bed, his mi nd's so numb . his minds so dumb.
as he closes his eyes he wishes to die (to) die in his peaceful sleep - in his sleep

the fugitive:
embeddet in a velvet heart of jasmine roses in the dark
the light of sunrise kissing minds to wake the sleeer in the night
"Wake up you (-you) dazzled troll - for you enface a bleeding hour,
where all your sins in pain will leave the veils of mind to set you free.

the birth of a king:
i dropped my mask on to the ground of desert wasteness in the sand
but where it fell a flower bloomed she smiled at me - we were alone
but as the sring to summer fell of aril's healing, blessing rain
the desert round me gave its life to plenty colors full of light.
so where i went the flowers bloomed, the birds they sang a lovely tune.

the children looked and smiled at me "this man was born as a king to be"

the virgins with their herbal sice, they kissed my fade to say goodnight,
the holy mother bowed her head mumbling : "do not forget this could be life and not a dream"

the return:
the mother raised the dagger high, and bissed by the wells in her eyes
i opened my chest to heart my lies to accet the judgement of her knife.

the morning:and so the lonely man with no will to stay wakes up in the morning.
his mind is gray the fog will stay forever in his head
he puts on his clothes , he tries to forget his boring life .- his boring life
he can't remember the dream he just had - no one will remember his life!