Şarkı sözleri : Electric Frankenstein. Neurotic Pleasures.

Back down! From trying to tell me how to live but never ever tell me what to do
Get off! You put your hands in my existence and im really getting sick of you
Sit down! Im just a little hard to handle till you find out where im coming from
Get out! You get a little more decisive but you maybe love what i become

I can't stand the threat of
Your neurotic pleasures (4x)

Get up! And tell me what you really want ill give you pleasure till you start to bleed
Shut up! My way of life is what you want but my nuts is what you really need
Look out! Im just another step behind you and im coming up loud and fast
No doubt! You try to beat me at the game but hey your only living in your past


So this is what you want
So this is what you need
I didn't come to fall
I didn't come to bleed
It took a little push
It took a little shove
But it was all i took
Of your neurotic love!!

chorus (2x)