Şarkı sözleri : Gilbert O'Sullivan. God Forbid.

Touch my face find a place
That only you can see
You don't need an appliance
It isn't rocket science
God forbid that it ever
Should be

Read my lips there's no risks
Attached to what we do
It may be that at times
I'm way our of line
God forbid that meant I could
Lose you

Only for a second have I ever felt
Doubts about your love for me
Only for a second yet it seemed like an eternity

Take my hand make it land
Somewhere about your knee
Whatever's going on we're doing
Nothing wrong
God forbid to think that
We could be

Falling out of love is something to behold
Even when it's not too steep
You can be as hurt as someone say falling
A thousand feet

Tell you what what you've got
Is all I'll ever need
It may not pay the rent
It being heaven sent
God forbid that that's all
You meant to me