Şarkı sözleri : Giles. Prayers(2) ft steph lacroix.


I'll start the first verse
With something that's buging me
For the longest time now listen to me

The deeper the scars,the worst is the history
The more i think about memorise,the more i wanna kill me
God you aint gotta forgive me,just dont forget me,you hear me,now feel me
God you fealing me now listen to me i did my sins
I did write to you but you still toked a close friend
Acouple of my family so i do back my sins
God im sorry for my bad behavior and so more my swearing
Now please give me back my lost family and so my best friend bryan
Then caught up in jailery,thaught week
For the dark streets you walked me
Forgive me for my sins
For the robbery,the swearing,the smoking and the threatning
Now give me back my family,bryan now talk to me
Its crazy how i miss him
Speaking of him,give me a hint from him
If he not know,when i die i wanna sit with him chat and kick it with him
Cause i never got the chance to pop a bottle of beer and cheers with him
I love him cause he gaved me something
Gaved me a childhood best friend when we were youngin
Playing all these kinds of things and we were huging
A positive something is better then a nagative nothing
Look at today cant evan kick it touch him evan speek with him
once i was on the edge to jump in end my life and get a rest in peace in heavan
Its hard to find love anywhere in this god dam world
i just wish i could dream Black&White then fucking
get shot and stab and dont wake up livin
The memorise were killing me,Why not go see bryan,pac and Biggie
So god i did all my sins dont write me letters
I haved sin among men so i sold my soul to you so my soul is yours
So hit me above with the wish im wishing for
And thats to take me to your place called heavan So i can kick a chat with bryan
And pop a bottle of beer and cheers with him,then say long time no see bestfriend
And take a walk and never come back in this fucking world im living in
I just want 2 things when i die,Pablo writen on a big wall
And that song When Im Gone crank'd to the crown
Everybody with the head down crying out loud
With the left hand on there left chest
As they bow down please say REST IN PEACE STEPH

God forgive me for my sins,now put me in heaven
So i can go see bryan,and pop that bottle of beer with him

And say cheers out loud so the poeple can ear uss from the clouds
So let me bow down and say good bye for now

Still think about u man n this is how i feel inside..
its been sum time that uv been gone i thould bye now ppl whould be strong..
i think of u n shed my tears i wounder who and what makes me bring fear..
ur memories still remains brother inside my heart but im still torn apart
you taught me too belive in my self in god belive's so u turn around and make me cry..
worst part we didnt even say good-bye plzz beg god to take care of u
Shed blood for you,cry for,and die for you he told 2 person's steph and giles ur blessed whit
faith no one will take ur place ur the one i love and alwas gonna love its 'cause u were my best friend
so take my hand and gyde me there and save a place one day to share..
Since the day u left us things werent the same whit the bless n tears no body was blamed
mabay u will make it back sum day to watch u and to gyde u but i hope
theres sum-one out there that can bring us back to u
dont tell me no lie when i say that why.did u have to die .i keep asking my self why...
still anger inside blaming god why the fuck whould u take bry 16 years old stilling living hes own life
this aint fare this aint right fuck the world i need to get hight relax my nerv's befor
i berst still grabing my old shirt
still taking good care of steph still doing my best too keep her out of the stress shes
still looking at ur grave still
looking at ur shcool pictures u alwas gonn be a brave. 4 a couple of days. I stop and think, is it worth it?
I'll never know. I press the glass deep into my wrist, the words Welcome to your suicide room ..
echo in my head. Then darkness overcomes me..i said fuck it
its worth it brake down on my nee's n pray please lay down and let this all blow.away
im still thinking aboutt that night whit me and lacroix doing sum that wasnt right.robbery that was it
i still feel like shit but Bryan deep inside i miss u like crazy so god can u hear me take good care bryan
for the poirier familly bryan forgive me for my sin's R.I.P Young Soldier

God forgive me for my sins,now put me in heaven
So i can go see bryan,and pop that bottle of beer with him
And say cheers out loud so the poeple can ear uss from the clouds
So let me bow and say good bye for now

In Loving Memory of
Bryan Poirier
Janurary 9th 1990
Janurary 27th 2005
We all miss you buddy

Stephane Lacroix 16years old
Giles Malette 16years old (today)
Tuesday June 27th 2006 2:08am