Şarkı sözleri : Gorky Park. All Roads.

I couldn't see you were good for me
When I was with you there
I was going places I had to make it
Out there somewhere
All the temtations and expectations
They shine so bright
I didn't know what matters most
I guess I just lost sight
The higher I climb
The longer that I'm away from you
the more I know that having you close
Is what gets me through
It took me so long I finely caught on
That it's not enough
All of my dreams don't mean a thing
Without your precious love
Every night when I lie in my bed
trying to make some sense

I just think what I give
to have you in my arms again
I tried to run I couldn't see you where the one
But all roads you know all roads lead back to you
You're in my blood I've got to have your love
Cause all roads you know all roads lead back to you
Cigarette and TV set they don't keep me warm
Now I see what I really need's what we had befor
My restless sole took control like a hurricane
And I'll never let you go if I ever get you back again
I just wanna find my way home
I'd give everything that I own
Now I see that I was so wrong
Just to let you get away