Şarkı sözleri : Much The Same. Wrecking Ball.

To be alone is all you've ever known; this emptiness neat doesn't affect you now
On those steps I saw you, your face pressed in your hands
Were thinking this life would be different if you'd taken that one chance?
So many words to say but you just can't find the time
Or the strength that you possess within yourself to finally draw that line

I see your weakness and they overtake you, a wrecking ball that splits right through your mind
You've got to take control, reach within yourself, stop your world from dying on the inside
You've got so much potential in your, it's waiting for it's chance to shine
This is a fight against yourself and you've got to make it out alive

I'm here for you and there's no excuse for you to lose this time
So rescure yourself from your flaws; a simple solution to aowrthy cause

Just know that it's up to you!

You say you can't. that's why you won't; this is your life, it ain't no no joke
Drop the excuses and start to take a stand
You fail with your self-fulfilling prophecy
Look in your heart that is the key to see the potential that we all see
Why can't you see?