Şarkı sözleri : Tela. Piece Of Mind. Time.

[Deep Voice Mumbling]

Quote fiction of fact, who gon' have yo back
When that shit get to poppin' off like that
Quote fiction or fact, who gon' have yo back
It's gon' be hell on wheels comin' back

Time is gettin' leerier, niggas are gettin' serious
Man you know I understand ya pain, that's why I'm feelin' ya
The words I'm comprehendin' the beats I was observin'
It was bumpy time in those planes caught up in some turbulence
Reservin' us some seats, we be like seated, exposited
And when this bitch here bleedin' I balled up just like a fetus
Young you by yourself and there was death upon the shelf
It' was pointed at cho' ass not from the right but from the left
Hours like them days and them days was like them hours
Screams was continuous, analyze of the phallus
Shit is goin' on in the zone
Predicted and convicted us a whole millenium
For philosophy, psychologically we outta reach
Mental capacity was actually positioned and breached
Now them sounds of the wrath got us subtract like math
Under gettin' holy and souly off the path

[Hook x2]